Investing in Crypto

Investing in Crypto

You are thinking about investing in crypto currencies. This market offers enormous opportunities, for everyone. Also for beginners. Because in order to benefit from high returns, you do not need to have any experience with crypto.

High Returns

Between 1000% and 2000% per year

Always live insight

Via a clear app / dashboard

Always access to your money

Direct withdrawal possible

Easy to start

As from 10 euro

Investing in Crypto

Why investing in crypto is smart

Maybe you are still in doubt: should I invest in cryptocurrency or not? Isn't it dangerous because I can lose my money just like that? Wouldn't it be better to invest in stocks?

Our answer is: investing always involves risks. Whether in crypto currencies, shares or real estate. There are no guarantees.

However, you can minimise these risks by:

  • Investing with a reliable party
  • Looking at past results
  • Investing in several crypto currencies at the same time

Reliable party: Iconomi

There are many platforms where you can invest in crypto. Which one should you take? Which one is reliable?

Through us you can open an account at ICONOMI. There you can buy all kinds of crypto coins starting from €10. This platform is proven reliable, and you keep full control over your money. 

You can view your portfolio at any time, for example with a clear app. And you can withdraw money or get out of the account whenever you want.

The platform itself has also applied to the regulatory authority Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This shows how serious they are about the rules.

But there is more that makes this platform so attractive. Read on!

Historical returns of crypto strategies

Nice that you can buy crypto coins through ICONOMI. But in which crypto should you invest in 2021 and beyond? The advice is: don't bet on one crypto currency, but buy several and go for a crypto strategy. This way you also spread your risks.

But then again: which coins exactly? How do you know you are not buying coins that (suddenly) turn into losses?

The answer: by letting an expert manage your crypto portfolio. Because at ICONOMI, experienced crypto managers are at work, making sky-high returns with smart strategies.

And one of the most successful strategies on ICONOMI? It belongs to a Dutchman: CARUS-AR by Menno Peter Pietersen.

View his profile on Linkedin

Investeren in crypto - Carus AR strategie

The strategy of Carus-AR

How does Menno Peter Pietersen proceed? Why is his crypto strategy so successful?

What the managers at ICONOMI do is keep a portfolio of various crypto currencies. And they continuously adjust that portfolio: which coin is rising, and which one is losing? By anticipating this, they can profit by buying and selling.

Menno is an expert at this. Thanks to his knowledge and insights, he has recently achieved enormous returns.

Both his strategy, portfolio and result are 100% transparent.

Return Oktober 2021: + 18.03%

Return 2021 (until 31 Oktober): + 839.96%

Copying strategies on Iconomi

ICONOMI offers you the possibility to copy successful strategies - such as those of CARUS-AR. This means that what Menno Peter Pietersen does, is automatically copied to your account.

In other words: you will make the same returns as CARUS-AR, by doing literally nothing (except investing money, of course). And without you having to have knowledge of the complex crypto market.

CARUS-AR is one of the most successful strategies on ICONOMI. But do you prefer to copy another strategy? Then that is just as easy. You can easily switch strategies. 

Or even better: spread your investment over several good strategies

Costs for investing in crypto

What does it cost when you follow Menno Peter Pietersen's strategy? He is 100% transparent about that too:

- 2 % management fee per year on the total amount that you invest in CARUS-AR

- 4 % performance fee on the profit made. No profit is made? Then you do not pay a performance fee

- 0.5% exit fee, over the amount that is in your account at that moment. You can exit at any time.

Please note: the costs differ per strategy. So have you chosen a strategy other than CARUS-AR? Then take into account different costs; these can be slightly lower, but also higher.

When should you invest in crypto?

A question we often get: when is the best time to start investing in crypto? Isn't the 'peak' long past? Haven't I missed the boat?

The answer is: no. Crypto currencies are still only in their infancy. There are also huge opportunities, as ICONOMI's returns show.

Investing in crypto is and remains a very good alternative to saving. Not to get rich quick in the short term, but to grow your wealth in the long term.

Advantages of ICONOMI and CARUS-AR at a glance

Sky-high returns

1,000 - 2,000% per year

Easy exit

At any time

Transparent, low costs

You pay for management, profit and exit

Reliable strategy

Successful Dutch manager

Low entry price

Start as low as € 10!

Fast payments

Within 1 working day

How to invest in cryptocurrency through ICONOMI?

Are you ready to invest in crypto? Getting started is easy:

1. Open an account at ICONOMI

2. Verify account with ID and proof of address (this takes up to 24 hours)

3. Deposit money (minimum € 10) by bank / crypto

4. Choose one or more strategies that you want to copy

Next, all you have to do is keep track of the performance of your chosen strategy through the ICONOMI app. Based on this, you can make well-informed decisions: leave your money, make an additional deposit or cash out.

Do you have questions about this?

Do you want to have a good conversation with me about investing in crypto?

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