Buying physical gold and silver as an investment

Investing in physical gold and silver; more and more people are doing it. 

Why? Because it offers major advantages over saving in a bank. And for many people it offers more security than a government pension.

You too can start today. And you can do so with a Dutch party: Gold Republic.

Safe & Reliable

The first in the Netherlands with an AFM licence

Easy to buy online

Trusted pay with banktransfer

Manage online

View values, sell, etc.

Is it wise to buy gold and silver?

Yes, investing in physical precious metals is a very good investment. Take gold: no matter what the economy has done in the past 60 years, no matter how high inflation has been, the value of gold has always risen.

That is the main reason for people to invest in gold and silver: to protect themselves against inflation and loss of purchasing power.

In other words: is your money in gold and silver? Then you don't have to worry about losing your assets due to a bank crisis, for example. What's more: even then your capital will grow along with you.

These claims are well-founded by the historical returns on silver and gold. An example: in the period 2000-2014, gold yielded 222%. And the AEX? By only 4%. See also the graphs below.

Historical returns Gold

1 year: + 8%

5 years: + 54%

20 years: + 583%

Silver historical return

1 year: + 37%

5 years: + 55%

20 years: + 381%

Why is buying physical gold and silver a good investment?

You can buy gold and silver in roughly 2 ways: physically or in the form of securities. We advise you to do it physically. Because that way has a very big advantage. Namely:

If you buy gold and silver physically, you are not dependent on a counterparty.

Because if you buy securities, the gold is not 'really' yours. The gold remains the property of the counterparty. Only the paper says that you are entitled to a part of the value. But that counterparty runs risks. If things go wrong there, if they lose their gold for example, it has immediate consequences for you.

But have you bought a physical piece of gold or silver at Gold Republic? Then there is a physical piece of gold or silver in a physical vault in the Netherlands / Germany / Switzerland that is your property.

How and where can you buy gold and silver safely and securely?

We've already mentioned the name a few times: Gold Republic. The first Dutch gold seller to receive an AFM license. 

What does that permit mean for you? That Gold Republic works 'clearly and honestly'. Because AFM stands for 'Autoriteit Financiële Markten'. They supervise savings, investments and insurance, among other things.

In other words: in the Netherlands, companies like Gold Republic have to comply with laws and regulations. The AFM licence shows that they do.

The advantages of Goldrepublic

Besides the fact that Gold Republic handles your money safely and reliably, they offer other advantages over other gold sellers:

Your gold and silver is automatically insured

Gold Republic has its own, heavily guarded vaults. That means your gold and silver is insured against damage and theft, right after your purchase. And the company takes care of transport and storage at their own risk.

This is very different when you buy gold for example through a webshop. Then you have to take care of all that yourself. What's more: insurance is often not even possible.

You buy bullion at the best prices

Gold Republic makes it possible for individuals to buy bullion at prices for professional investors.

How much you pay exactly, for example for 1 gram or 1 kilo of gold or silver, depends on the current value.

You can arrange everything online

You thought it would be difficult to buy - and possibly sell - gold and silver? Not at Gold Republic.

You can easily create an account, after which you can buy physical bullion right from your couch. Safe and sound with iDeal.

Want to know exactly how much your gold and silver is worth at any given moment? Or see the historical values? You can request all of that directly in the app from Gold Republic. Just like an annual statement for your tax return.

And do you decide to sell - part of - your gold or silver? You can do that too in a few seconds online via the app.

Costs for investing in gold and silver

Are there costs to investing in precious metals at Gold Republic? Yes; they of course also profit from it when you buy physical gold and silver from them.

Gold Republic is very transparent about these costs:

  • You pay 1% on the gold or silver you buy*.
  • You pay 1% on the gold or silver you sell
  • You pay 0.5% in storage charges for gold, and 1% for silver (per year).

*If you choose a monthly savings plan, you only pay a rate of 0.5% (see also opposite).

How much gold and silver can you buy?

There is no limit to this: you can buy as much gold and silver as you can afford.

That's why many people automatically invest a fixed amount in gold and silver every month. And thus protect and grow an ever increasing part of their capital.

Gold Republic even has an automatic savings plan for this. You can participate from as little as 50 euros per month. Children too! So you can set up a nice piggy bank for them.

Through the savings plan you buy gold or silver together with many other investors. There is a financial advantage to this: you only pay a 0.5% buying and selling rate (instead of 1%).

Experiences with buying gold and silver at Gold Republic

Ready to start investing in gold and silver?

There are a few steps you need to take to make sure your money is safe:

- Create an account at Gold Republic

- Verify your account with your passport / ID / driving license

- Deposit 0,01 euro, to verify your bank account

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