Robot Trading

Robot Trading on the forex market

Making profits on the forex market thanks to Robot Trading: this is now possible for you too. And it works exactly as it sounds:

A robot trades for you. While you don't have to do anything. And your savings grow again. 

High Yield

Monthly average of 4.35 %

Very low costs

You pay only $ 39 per month

Low starting amount

Join from € 1,000

Wat is robot trading ?

What is Robot Trading?

Robot Trading is the name for software that automatically trades on the international currency market (forex). The robot analyses the situation on the market and executes trades based on this analysis. Without the intervention of a human trader.

Of course, the robot is made by people. Behind the scenes, programmers are continuously improving the software. So that the results become increasingly predictable.

By now, it is impossible to imagine forex without them; even the greatest sceptics have to admit that Robot Trading is a reliable way of making structural returns.

Robot Trading via NCM Signal

Robot Trading via NCM Signal

There are many Robot Trading systems. But we put NCM Signal forward as one of the best platforms. Why?

The main reason is simple: proven results. Below we will elaborate on that. As well as why you run very little risk.

Besides that, NCM Signal offers a lot of other advantages. Like full control over what happens to your money.

Proven returns from NCM Signal

NCM Signal's Robot Trading system has been running for more than 1,100 days. And since day 1 it achieves beautiful returns:

  • On average 4.03 % per month (with standard risk setting: 100)
  • ca. 60 % return per year
  • 505% return in total (update: 31 Oktober 2021)

These figures are not only from NCM Signal itself, they are public and can be viewed by anyone via the independent Myfxbook

Robot Trading - Maandrendementen

Even more advantages of Robot Trading through NCM Signal

In addition to proven returns and risk control, NCM Signal offers more compelling advantages:

No lock-in period

Do you decide to subscribe to NCM Signal's system? Then you're not tied to a period in which your money is fixed. You can withdraw your money at any time (within 24 hours on your account). Or decide to stop completely.

Easy to join

You don't have to have a fortune to join: they ask for a starting deposit of just €1,000. You then choose whether and how much to contribute.

Extensive control over your money

At NCM Signal, you can set all kinds of things yourself. For instance, your maximum loss, after which your trades will be closed automatically. This way you keep control at all times.

Costs for Robot Trading

For your subscription at NCM Signal you pay a fixed fee of $39 per month.

Besides that there are absolutely NO hidden costs, like an extra profit fee. 

How transparent do you want it to be?

Experiences with Robot Trading via NCM Signal

NCM Signal works together with Trustpilot. There their customers leave reviews about the system.

At this moment there are almost 70 experiences. The average score is 4,6 out of 5.

Some reviews:

Very good signal. Been on it for 5 months and gives me a peace of mind the way it trades. Great returns. I would highly recommend it.Jack

Great results and consistent growth. Have been using it for over 6 months and returns average 6 to 9% per month. I haven't lost money on any trades, as it's either breakeven or plus. But after swap charges etc. sometimes have a minor net loss on trades, which is normally rectified the next day or so. Recommended for those looking for stable growthAsh Patel

I have been with signal companies before and have made profitable returns and some losses. I am impressed with the approach taken by NCM regarding the trading strategy and risk management. They are very transparent and have been quick in answering any queries I have had. I look forward to continuing the returns i have had so far in the short time I have used their signalJohn Fallows

Ready to start Robot Trading?

Here's how it works:

1. Open an account

NCM Signal works with the Australian broker platform IC Markets. You open an account there. Next, the NCM robot will trade on your IC Markets account.

2. Deposit money on your account

Minimum of € 1,000 for your first deposit. This is done easily and simply via bank transfer.

Client can start a euro account and deposit euro as well. 

3. Pay the subscription fee

Before you start trading, you pay the subscription fee for the 1st month: $39. Then, of course, you'll pay this amount every month.

4. Sit back and watch your savings grow

The robot starts working for you. You can follow the results 'live' through your account at IC Markets or in the MetaTrader 4 app.

We've made an extensive step-by-step plan, in which we extensively describe what you'll have to do exactly.

Do you have questions about this? 

Do you want to have a good conversation with me about Robot Trading?

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