Forex Managed Account

A Managed Account is a simple way to make money: you don't have to do anything yourself, except deposit money on your trading account.

A professional 'trader' will then manage your account.

Update 01/09/2021

Jeff Wecker is not accepting new customers at this time

Stable returns

Monthly average 15-16 % profit

High Risk

Drawdown (risk) : 73%

Always access to your money

Paid out within 1 day

What is forex managed account ?

What is forex managed account ?

In case of a managed account your trading account will be managed by an experienced forex trader with years of experience in forex trading.

Moreover he has a verified trading history.

This works completely automatically, without you needing any further knowledge or experience about trading on the currency market.

The only thing you need is a trading account with a reliable intermediary ("forex broker") and a successful strategy, which will generate a return for you. 

Reliable broker: IC Markets

For a forex managed account you need an intermediary: a forex broker.

For this purpose we cooperate with IC Markets: an Australian regulated (ASIC) forex broker.

The regulation in Australia is comparable with the European regulation.

Because of this regulation, the money on your account is insured. 

Successful trader: Jeff Wecker

Selected as the #1 FX (Forex) Trading Coach worldwide by Szeri Trading & Research

Jeff is not only a personal coach but also a top 10 FX trader worldwide. He is on Ticker Tocker and has been the top FX trader there for over two years, competing with over 100 professionals worldwide.

Jeff is a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade and is CEO of the FX Global Trading Group with several offices around the world. The group is now the world's largest provider of FX services.

Jeff is also a featured writer on and has appeared on WFN1 radio, America's Business Show, and has been an invited speaker at Traders Expo.

Live insight into Jeff Wecker's results


Here you can see a graph of Jeff Wecker's results on my own account from 23 October 2020.

This data comes from Myfxbook, which was founded by and for professional traders. With the aim of making their performance transparent.

Jeff Wecker's average monthly return

October 2020: + 0.45 %

November 2020: + 0.11 %

December 2020: + 12.65 %

January 2021: -3.20%

February 2021: + 4.54%

March 2021: + 3.77%

April 2021: + 31.59%
May 2021: + 45.29%

June 2021: + 41.74%

July 2021: + 34.45%


Average monthly return: 14.40%

Update: 31 July 2021

Benefits for me

  • Low risk
  • No knowledge or experience of online investing required
  • System works fully automatically
  • You only pay costs when you make a profit (20% performance fee)
  • You can withdraw money at any time or stop investing completely
  • Fully transparent and complete insight in trades, results and statistics
  • Regulated broker (Australia) so your money is insured


Keep in mind that a forex managed account also involves costs. Although these are not that bad at e-Forex. Below they are mentioned in a row:

Opening an account at IC Markets is free

One-time setup fee: $ 250

Performance Fee: 20%. You only pay this if you make a profit afterwards.

In addition, it works with a High Watermark: If a loss is made, you only pay the performance fee again after this loss has been recovered.

Follow trades live

All trades which are automatically executed on your own trading account can be followed live in the Metatrader 4 app.

You can do this on your phone, tablet or computer.

This way you'll be able to see all open and closed trades.

Benefits Forex Managed Account

Stable results

15-16% per month with forex managed account

Risk mitigation

Hard stop loss, which automatically closes trades


With managed accounts you only pay in case of profit

Regulated broker (ASIC)

IC Markets are regulated by the ASIC (Australia)

Experienced traders

Experienced trader who has been successful in forex for more than 25 years

Fast payouts

Payments are processed within 24 hours


Managed account is exclusively available via

Different currency pairs

The trader uses many currency pairs

Low entry fee

You can already start from €1.000

Ready to get started with a Forex Managed Account?

Dozens of people have already chosen a Forex Managed Account through e-Forex. Are you next? You only need to complete 3 simple steps:

1. Open a 'trading account' at IC Markets under IB 3916 - similar to opening a savings account at your bank.

2. Check and confirm your application (including your ID) - to protect your data, money and privacy.

3. Transfer money from your bank account to your trading account - a simple transfer or by credit card

Do you want a detailed description of the above steps? Then please have a look at our extensive step-by-step plan, in which is extensively described what exactly you have to do.

Questions or need help ?

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