Forex Arbitrage Trading

4+ % monthly return, without knowledge / experience in online investing

Verified trading results by MyFXBook, the leading verification website in the forex world:

  • Monthly return: 4.06 %
  • Average daily return: 0.13 %
  • Drawdown (risk): 0.39 %
  • Hitratio (wining trades): 98 %
  • Average trade lenght: 6 seconds
  • Start: 8 June 2016

Arbitrage Trading - resultaten

Historical return Grinta Invest arbitrage trading

Return per year

2016: + 80.4%

2017: + 56.5%

2018: + 73.2%

2019: + 59.9%

2020: + 58.8%

2021: + 43.4%
Since start (June 2016) monthly average: + 4.06%

I started automatic trading in January 2017 and have already achieved + 125.6% return with automatic trading. As a novice trader it is useful to have the system trading automatically because this increases the chances of results. More than 95% of the trades that are automatically done by the system have been profitable! I definitely recommend trading via!

Bas Janssen

The advantages of Arbitrage Trading at Grinta Invest

Stable returns

4+ % monthly with arbitrage trading

Risk limitation

Very low drawdown of less then 0.4 % of your assets


With you only pay performance fee at profit

Live trading

The algorithm continuously searches for opportunities

Fast trade processing

The average trade lenght is only 6 seconds


98 % of the trades are profitable


Grinta Invest is exclusively available via e-Forexx

Different currency pairs

The arbitrage system supports many currency pairs

Low starting amount

You can start with € 10.000

Online investing with Grinta Invest, how does it work ?

Look at his short video about the forex arbitrage system of Grinta Invest

Make money with forex arbitrage trading

With arbitrage trading you achieve an almost risk-free return:

  • An arbitrage option arises when there is a price-difference at 2 different forex providers
  • The unique algorithm determines whether there is an arbitrage option
  • The system automatically carries out the transactions
  • No knowledge or experience in online investing required

Our partner Grinta Invest

  • works exclusively with the forex arbitrage system of Grinta Invest
  • Grinta Invest is a specialized forex broker based in the UK
  • Customers of have exclusive access to the expertise and network of Grinta Invest

Receive 3 bonuses when registering via

100% deposit bonus for 1 month

When registering via you will receive a bonus of 100% on your first deposit the first month.

This means that you automatically trade the first month with double amount and therefore have a double profit in the first month

Pay 30% performance fee instead of 40%

Pay 25% less fee when registering via

This means that you receive 25% more return compared to a normal account.

Pay the performance fee per quarter

When registering via e-Forex you pay the performance fee per quarter and not per month.

As a result of this you'll eventually have more net profit because you'll be able to compound for 3 months before you'll pay the fee.

Make your free account now has realized the following benefits for you:

  • No start up costs
  • Only 30% performance fee instead of the usual 40%
  • 100% deposit bonus for 1 month on your first deposit
  • Starting is already possible from € 10.000 (usually automatic trading with an arbitrage system is only possible from € 100,000)
  • Payments are processed within 24 hours
  • Fast personal support

View our handy step-by-step plan

Do you have no experience with automatic investing or do you have no knowledge about forex? We have drawn up a special step-by-step plan with which users who have no knowledge of online trading can make a good start. The step-by-step plan tells you exactly what you need to do to create an account within 2 minutes.

Rules Arbitrage Trading

- There must be a minimum of 10,000 euros on it for one year. Calculation: deposits minus payouts

- Under a balance of 10,000 euros you pay 40% perfomance fee. Balance calculation: deposits minus payouts

- As soon as you've removed your entire deposits (or more) you'll pay a 50% performance fee.

- No cost for 2 payouts per year, from the third payout: 4% fee

- Manual trading in the arbitrage account is NOT allowed

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