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Historic result: 8+ % monthly

8+ %
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Successful since 2018

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Making money with bitcoin?

Do you ever read messages about bitcoin prices? Up hard one time and down hard the next.

Do you ever think that you can make money with bitcoin if you buy and sell at the right time?

It takes a lot of time and knowledge to know how to make money in this market. It is also important to limit your risks. It can also go terribly wrong.

This can also be different. One of our partners has developed a unique system that makes money from the differences in exchange rates between providers of crypto coins.

By detecting these differences and opening and closing a position at the right moment, the system makes nice profits.

What is Crypto Arbitrage Trading?

Crypto Arbitrage Trading makes use of price differences in the market.

If you want to buy bitcoin you will see that the price differences between different providers are large. Sometimes more than 100 euros.

You'll encounter these price differences for all crypto coins. With the right software and the right infrastructure you can make use of these differences.

By opening and closing positions at the right moment you can make a profit every time.

The software detects the possibilities and manages the positions automatically.

Our partner: Atrad

Our partner Atrad consists of a group of experienced crypto traders who developed the crypto arbitration software.

They started in 2015 and have slowly expanded the company. In 2017 they went through an enormous development thanks to crowdfunding. One year later, the first version of the arbitration platform was rolled out. 

The company is registered in Mauritius. The reason for this is that the regulations there are a lot more flexible than in Europe.

The crypto market is a very fast growing market. At the moment the total value is about 300 billion euros. The number of coins is currently over 2800. 

In this market Atrad has developed a system that offers unprecedented possibilities with these numbers.


The first version of the current Crypto Arbitration Platform was launched in 2018.

The results are as follows:

2017: 77%

2018: 91%

2019: 125%

2020: 157% 

Your benefits

  • Open account without verification
  • The minimum starting amount is only 100 euro 
  • Payment with bitcoin or Monero
  • The cost is 20% of your return. These have already been included in the historical results.
  • Payouts 1 time per month (submit before the first of the month)
  • Yield is calculated in euro. In this way you do not suffer from market volatility.
  • Disembarkation is possible every first of the month
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