Copy Trading with USGFX

A clearly step-by-step plan


Copy Trading Roadmap - Registration Step 1

Step 1

After clicking on the link below you will find the USGFX website to create a free account.

First enter your personal details.

First name should be the first name in your passport.

Step 2 

Enter the data as in the screenshot.

Mini account from € 1,000
Standard account from € 10,000
VIP account from € 50,000

Individual account for private account
Corporate account for business account

Step 3

TIN (Tax Indentification Number)

Step 4

Address details

Step 5

Enter your personal details here

Step 6

Enter your investment experience here.

Check whether the IB code has been entered correctly, this must be: 050220


Step 1

After the successful registration you will receive a welcome e-mail with a confirmation link you have to click on.
After this you can log in to your account at

Step 2

With this regulated forex broker you have to upload documents to verify your account.

They are very strict here, so:

- all data must correspond to the documents

- use documents with the highest possible resolution

Step 3

For ID and passport: upload front and back For address verification you can use: telephone bill, internet connection, gas and / or electrical bill, water bill, credit card account


Step 1

You can easily deposit money from your own bank account.

Select 'Deposit funds'

Step 2

Enter the amount you want to deposit and EUR, then you will see the details for the transfer.

You can easily do this yourself in your own internet banking.

After the transfer you make a screenshot of the payment and you can upload it in your account.

 Step 3

The easiest way to deposit is the banktransfer from your own bankaccount.


Step 1

After your account has been verified, you will receive an LPOA (Limited Power or Attorney) by mail. You can sign this contract digitally (with the mouse). You can also print it out, sign it and then scan it again as a PDF

The title for your content

After this, you must upload this signed contract into your account.

Step 3

Choose 'Add a reference check'

Step 4

Enter the data as in the screenshot and upload your signed contract.

After this, your account is automatically linked to the master account.

And from now on you can also see the trades in the Metatrader 4 app on your phone or tablet.

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