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Automatic Investing

Accessible investing for everyone

5+ %

Historical monthly return

At medium risk (max. drawdown: 15%)

24 / 7

Access to your funds

You can withdraw your money at any time

13 minutes

Average duration of trade

Short-term exposure to market risk

Stable results

No negative monthly results

Risk reduction

Trading is done with a hard stoploss


You only pay a performance fee when you win

Regulated bank (FCA)

Your funds are safe in an FCA-regulated bank.

Experienced trader

Dutch trader, successful for more than 10 years

 Low entry fee

You can start from € 2,500

Fast payouts

Payments are made within 24 hours

Focus on 1 currency pair

Full focus for trading on 1 currency pair

Multiple options

Bank, credit card, bitcoin, skrill, neteller

Automatic investing for everyone

A brand new revolutionary investment concept, where you have full control over your money.

  1. Expensive asset managers
  2. High entry and exit costs
  3. Management costs
  4. Management costs
  5. High minimum starting amount
  • Accessible investing for everyone
  • Honest No Cure, No Pay system (only performance fee on profit)
  • No minimum contract duration so you have 24/7 access to your funds

Advantages Automatic Investing

  • Trader who has been successful in forex for over 10 years, is trading for you.
  • System is fully automatic
  • Full transparency and full insight into results and statistics
  • Track trades on your own account in MetaTrader 4 app
  • Boarding and disembarking is possible at any time (without penalty)
  • You only pay when you make a profit (30% performance fee)

Automatic Investing in 3 simple steps

1. Create an account

2. Deposit with iDeal (or credit card or Bitcoin)

3. Choose your risk setting

Verified results on FXBlue

Average monthly return: 2.4% (low risk setting)

Drawdown (maximum risk): 0.4 %

Hit rate (winning trades): 78%

Average trading time: 13 minutes

Start: May 2019

Historical monthly returns

These are the historical monthly yields from May 2019 at low risk

  • No negative month

Update: 01/08/2020

Choice of different risk settings

You can choose from 3 different risk settings:

- Low (maximum risk: 10%)

- Medium (maximum risk: 15%)

- High (maximum risk: 25%)

On the right you can see the gross results of the last month under the different risks

Why currency market?

On the currency market (Forex), foreign currencies are traded against each other. 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It is the most liquid financial market worldwide. Because of this there are low fees and commissions, which makes this forex market very attractive for investment opportunities.

Short market exposure

The trading strategy uses very short trades. Average length of a trade is only 13 minutes.

As a result, you are only exposed to market risk for a very short period of time.

The rest of the time your money is safely in your investor account.

Hard Stoploss

The strategy works with a hard stoploss. The chosen risk profile (Low, Medium or High) determines the height of the maximum risk.

Trades are automatically closed when the maximum risk is reached.

FCA Regulated bank

The broker works with a U.K. regulated (FCA) bank.

This allows them to guarantee the security of clients' accounts.

Separate customer accounts

The broker works with separate client accounts

This separates your funds from the platform and allows you to access your money 24/7

Create a free account at iQuoto Global

No start-up costs

  • Only you have access to your account and only you can deposit and withdraw money.
  • Starting is already possible from € 2.500. 
  • Deposit can be made by iDeal/ credit card / bitcoin
  • You can get out at any time
  • 30% performance fee (monthly settlement)
  • Fast personal support

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