Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan

Arbitrage Trading with Grinta Invest

A clear step-by-step plan

Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan - Making account

Step 1 : Make a free account

Via the link below on e-Forexx you can create a free account at Grinta Invest.

This gives you extra benefits in the form of 2 bonuses below.

Fill in your details, after which you will receive a welcome e-mail from Grinta Invest with all the necessary information.

Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan - Verify account

Step 2: Verify your account

As with all official financial institutions, they are required to establish your identity and address. To verify your account, choose 'Upload documents' in your account, after which you can upload your passport or ID and proof of address.

100% bonus on your first deposit

When you register via, you will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit during the first month.

This means that you automatically trade the first month with a double amount and therefore have a double profit in the first month.

Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan - 100% deposit bonus
Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan - deposit money

Step 3: Deposit money into your own trading account

Depositing money into your own trading account can be done in different ways:

  • SEPA Bank Transfer
  • Credit card (Visa / MasterCard)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Minimum amount to start : 10.000 euro

Pay 30% performance fee instead of 40%

When registering via you pay 25% less fee : instead of the usual 40% you only pay 30% performance fee.

And that also gives you 25% more profit

Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan

Step 4: Starting with forex arbitrage system

The arbitrage trading system is automatically linked to your trading account by Grinta Invest as soon as the money is credited to your account.

From then on trades will be automatically executed daily on your own trading account.

How does automatic investing with Grinta Invest work?

Watch the short video of Grinta Invest about the forex arbitrage system

Step 5: View all trades on your own trading account

All trades on your own forex account can be followed in the 'MetaTrader 4' app, which you can use on your phone or tablet.

You can login with your trading account number and password which you get from Grinta Invest. As a server you have to choose: GrintaInvest-Real.

The balance of your forex trading account can also be seen in your Grinta Invest account.

Arbitrage Trading step-by-step plan - withdraw money

Step 6 : Withdrawing funds from your account

You can withdraw funds from your account via the option 'Withdrawal Funds'.

You can pay out via the option 'Withdrawal Funds':

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (Visa / MasterCard)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Payouts are processed within 24 hours.

Rules Arbitrage Trading

- There must be a minimum of 10,000 euros on it for one year. Calculation: deposits minus payouts

- Under a balance of 10,000 euros you pay 40% perfomance fee. Balance calculation: deposits minus payouts

- As soon as you've removed your entire deposits (or more) you'll pay a 50% performance fee.

- No cost for 2 payouts per year, from the third payout: 4% fee

- Manual trading in the arbitrage account is NOT allowed

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