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AI Trading on the forex market

AI Trading stands for "Artificial Intelligence Trading". In other words: automatically trading on the international currency market, without you needing any knowledge or skills. 

A robot does all the hard work for you. With spectacular results.

High Yield
Monthly return of 8+ %
Profit guarantee

Losses are covered

Low treshold
Join from 1.000 euros
What is AI Trading ?

What is AI Trading ?

'AI' means artificial intelligence.  So: trading by artificial intelligence.

In recent years there have been more and more systems of this kind, which automatically trade on the forex. The results vary widely. But we have investigated for you what the best system is: RoFX.

AI Trading via RoFX

AI Trading via RoFX

RoFX is - so it says on their website - the "best automated forex-trading robot in the world". And if you look at their results, they can make that claim too. Moreover, they offer excellent conditions for customers who entrust their savings to them.

Thanks to their proven success, they have already gained the trust of more than 50,000 investors. Investors who make money every day thanks to RoFX's robot. 

The proven profit of RoFX

RoFX exists since 2009. The returns they have made since then are there for all to see. These are the yearly returns so far:

RoFX on Myfxbook

Since July 2018, the returns can be viewed on Myfxbook. That is a platform, founded by professional traders. With the aim of making performance on forex transparent to everyone.

On Myfxbook it can be seen that RoFX made almost 1,000% return since July 2018. With an average monthly return of 8%. Compare that to the interest you receive on your savings at your bank....

IPO and Warren Buffett's interest

RoFX will go public in the 3rd quarter of 2021. A next big step in the success story.

It is already being called 'one of the biggest events in the financial market'. After all, experts and investors have been following RoFX's success for years. The company enjoys great popularity.

That is why they attract the attention of big investors. Including Warren Buffett, one of the most famous American businessmen, with an estimated wealth of 73 billion dollars. 

Buffett's company - Berkshire Hathaway - will probably invest $500 million in the development of the robot's artificial intelligence.

How much profit does AI Trading give?

In the end the main question is: how much money can you earn with AI Trading through e-Forex? We can predict this with reasonable certainty, by looking at the "historical returns" of RoFX. In other words: 

How much return has the system made since it was launched in 2009? It has:

  • Average monthly historic return: 8.00%
  • Total accumulated return (from 30th July 2018 to 30th April2021): 1194%

(Measured with: Myfxbook)

So a simple calculation: suppose you start now with AI Trading with RoFX. The minimum starting amount is € 1,000. And the return this month is 8%. Then this month your money will have yielded € 80.

Why do you choose RoFX ?

In the 1st place of course you choose AI Trading via RoFX because of the returns. But the system has more qualities by which they deserve your trust:

Participate with little money

The minimum deposit is only 1.000 euro.

Easy deposit

Transferring money to your RoFX account is easy: through your bank, credit card or - if you have them - in Bitcoins.

Daily profit distributions

At the end of each day, your profits are paid into your account. This way you can see your money grow every day - provided there are profits, of course.

RoFX compensates for losses

A day of negative returns? No problem, RoFX will compensate your losses out of their own reserve fund. In fact, you never lose money.

Withdrawing money without costs

You can always withdraw money from your account at RoFX. The system does not charge any extra fees for this. The money will be in your account within 5 working days.

Always know your account

By logging in to RoFX, you are able to see the return on your money at any time. And of course, the balance on your account.

24/7 Support

The people behind RoFX don't hide behind their robot. You can always reach them, in many different ways.

Remarkably successful

RoFX is so successful that it stands out. That is why several famous investors - like Warren Buffett - are interested.

Costs of AI Trading

RoFX provides your passive income. All you have to do is open an account with them and deposit money.

Of course they ask something in return. They ask a 'performance fee', which is very common when you let someone else trade for you.

RoFX is very transparent about this: you pay 5% to 65% fee on your profit, depending on the type of account and the amount of money in it. (See also 'How it works').

In addition, there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

RoFX reviews

RoFX cooperates with Trustpilot. There their customers leave reviews about the system.

At this moment there are almost 300 experiences. The average score is 4.8 out of 5.

Some reviews:

I started with the trial pack at the beginning and invested a little more cash to upgrade myself more. Then, after a few weeks, I moved to the gold pack. All the packages, I must admit, are fantastic. To escape banking charges, this robot also allows you to withdraw your funds via bitcoin. I can now proudly claim that I have made the right decision to pick this FX robot and it also gives me a huge amount of profits - Donna Cielo Manzanero

Since this is fully automated, it saves a lot of my time while I trade and besides that, I've made a huge amount of profit using this bot in this 2 year. Their customer service team is awesome as well. Seamless efficiency is given by the entire robot. After using this product, I'm really pleased and would certainly encourage others to give this robot a try. It is consistent, wins trades and allows easy withdrawal of money as well - Miciola

How it works

Opening an account is child's play. It just takes some time to confirm your identity - of course, to ensure that your money is safe.

When you open an account at RoFX, you have 3 options:

1. Basic

- Profits come into your account every day

- Lock period: 30-70 days (during which time you cannot withdraw funds)

- Performance fee: 15-60% (depends on the amount of money in your account)

2. Advanced Compound

- Your profit is "compounded" daily (so you also receive a return on that) and "released" at the end of the lock period

- Lock period: 70-360 days (you cannot withdraw money during this period)

- Performance fee: 5-50% (depending on the amount of money in your account)

3. No Lock

- No lock period (you can withdraw money from the beginning)

- Performance fee: 20-65% (depending on the amount of money in your account)

Which account is best for you? Feel free to call us with any questions!

Ready to start AI Trading

Start AI Trading now. Go through the steps below:

1. Create an account at RoFX

2. Deposit money into your RoFX account. Via your bank, credit card or in Bitcoins.

3. Watch your money grow daily...

Do you have questions about this? 

Do you want to have a good conversation with me about AI Trading?