Automatisch Beleggen

Automatic investment: the best alternative to saving

Are you tired of your money doing nothing in your savings account?

Automatic investing is the answer: your savings return, at a very low risk

Check our opportunities

High returns

Monthly 4 - 11% profit

Low entry amounts

Join from 500 euro

Always control

Fast payouts

How does automatic investing work?

Automatic investing works almost the same as your savings account:

1. Open an 'account' on a platform selected by us - similar to opening a savings account at your bank.

2. Check and confirm your request (including ID) - to protect your data, money and privacy

3. Transfer money from your bank account to your account - a simple transfer. 

Our automatic trading opportunities

Without using knowledge / experience in online investing

Arbitrage Trading

Historical return:

4%  monthly

 ✓ Arbitrage Trading

✓ Trades are automatically executed on your own account

✓ Verified results from

June 2016

✓ Minimum start: € 10.000

✓ Broker in U.K.

Historical return:

11% monthly

✓ Masternodes

✓ Earn money automatically with masternoding

✓ Verified results from

August 2019

✓ Minimum start: € 500

✓5 Stars on Trustpilot

Robot Trading
Historical return:

4.5-9% monthly

 ✓ Robot Trading

✓ Trades are automatically executed

✓ Verified results from

February 2018

✓ Minimum start: € 1.000

✓ASIC (Australia) Regulated Broker

 Index Investing

Historical return:

8% monthly

✓ Index Investing


✓ Automatic Rebalancing

✓ Verified results from

September 2020

✓ Minimum start: € 2.500

✓ Dutch Company

The Power of automatic investing

Stable results

Average 4-11 % montly with automatic investing

Risk limitations

Low drawdown for arbitrage trading / AI Trading

Fast support

Support is available 24/7 for all your questions

Fast payouts

Payouts are processed within 24 hours


With you only pay  performance fee at profit

Low starting amount

You can start with only € 500 with Masternodes

A higher return with automatic trading has been specialized in automatic forex trading for 8 years. Now this knowledge in the currency trading is also available for you. For this, works exclusively with the most trusted and largest partners in the field of profitable automatic investing in forex. This allows you to earn money with investing in a fully automated way without knowledge or experience.

Via I started using automatic trading two years ago. Initially started with € 2,500 but quickly increased, my average return is now at 4.3% per month with a low drawdown,  I have never experienced this before. Withdrawing money from your account is very simple and will be on your account within two days. In short, no other system for me anymore.

Edwin Kema

Do you have questions ? Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions about forex, forex brokers, currency trading, etoro, copy trading or about automatic investing in the currency trading, please feel free to contact us.

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